Tamper Evident security proof Bags-Medical Biohazard Specimen Bag-Plastic Bag Security Seals

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Special Features:

White ink change to red color will not recover from da-maged.The stuck

sign“STOP” on LDPE cannot be erase.

Wate will dissovent whitecolor tape as part of a tampering attempt.

The lettering “STOP” is visibleif the baf is tear open or if meets-50.

Alos tape will not recover from da-maged. The stuck sign“STOP”

on LDPE cannot be erase.

Using a special ink to printed wrieable to printed wrieable surface on

the baf.


Security bags may be print with a running number (barcode).

Other sizes and thickness are available on request.


The lettering “STOP “is visible if the bag is tear open.

Also tape will not recover from damaged. The stuck

sign “STOP” on LDPE cannot be erase.


Plastic security tamper evident Bag/security election bag/

Tamper Evident Security Packaging bags

Security Bag are ideal for securely packaging currency, police evidence,

storage of valuable items.

cash collection for banks, other cash handling. Our products conform

to most countries authorities.


Categories : SECURITY BAG

Material: Transparent LDPE or Co-ex , waterproof

Thickness: From 0.045mm-0.20mm , or do as you request

Size:All customized size

Printing:Can be printed from 0-8 colors , CMYK or PMS color

Seal:Side seal or 7mm skirt seal or 10mm pouch seal

Tape:Permanent tape or Level 1 to Level 4 tamper evident tape

Level 4 tape providing visible indication of tampering by means of

1. Physical opening    2. Heat

3. Freezing         4. Solvent

5. Hot water

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